A Day Party with a Purpose

Brought to you in part by Nike, Walgreens, Red Bull, Hidden Beach Recordings, Aids Healthcare Foundation, Wings Limousine, and Bling H2O

After casting more than one hundred movie and television projects over  three decades, featuring several theatrical blockbusters, and presenting some of Hollywood’s biggest names, talent executive and philanthropist Robi Reed’s most beloved and perhaps most compassionately acclaimed work is a lesser known yearly production called,  Sunshine Beyond Summer – The Day Party With A Purpose. This affair is strategically set in the private gardens of a select supporting benefactor each year.  Robi brings together an ensemble cast of close friends, associates, and peers to have a delightfully good time in the spirit of serving the community. Though Oscar winners like Denzel Washington and Angela Bassett have played recurring roles over the past ten years in the celebration, Reed’s eye for talent in “The Sunshine”  has been more about discovering and inspiring big hearts than big names. At this event, she directs an effort to raise funds for her newly created Reed For Hope Foundation, which raises awareness for life threatening disease prevention like HIV,  supports women’s and children’s health initiatives, and makes the world a healthier place.  The event started 12 years ago as an intimate gathering of friends coming together for an end of summer barbecue. Today, the event has morphed beyond those humble beginnings into the premier event of the summer.