Samantha Granberry

With an operating budget of a billion dollars and over 300,000 people in free care and treatment both here in the United States and 34 countries worldwide.  The AIDS Healthcare Foundation is the largest not-for-profit AIDS service organization in the world.  Samantha Granberry is currently the Senior Manager of the foundation's national sales and marketing [...]

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Eva Marcille

Growing up in Southern California, Eva Marcille’s family dubbed her “Eva the Diva” early on, because of her self-assured attitude and her eye for fashion. The young Eva was always the center of attention, and always managed to steal the spotlight from whomever it may have been on. As a child Eva had lofty ambitions [...]

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Eric & Maleka Beal

Eric and Maleka Beal are healthy lifestyle coaches, authors, speakers, and advocates for healthier living. Their own inspirational weight loss journey began in 2006, when during a doctor’s visit, Eric was shocked to discover his weight ballooned to 400 pounds. “When most people are the butt of a joke, they get angry. I got motivated.  [...]

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Tony Lee

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Lorna Johnson

Lorna is a medical midwife, health expert, and active philanthropist and medical professional serving her community in myriad capacities.  Her singular purpose is focused on ensuring continued success in the underserved community that her non-profit organization, Compassion for Teen Life, diligently serves.  Her influence to create opportunities for future generations in the areas of women’s health, [...]

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Toure R

Touré Roberts embodies a new model of next generation leadership that merges humanitarianism, faith, and multimedia into one dynamic calling. His love for people ignites his passion to utilize the powerful platform of media to positively touch and transform the lives of people all over the world. Touré has rapidly become a prominent sought-after voice [...]

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