Lorna is a medical midwife, health expert, and active philanthropist and medical professional serving her community in myriad capacities.  Her singular purpose is focused on ensuring continued success in the underserved community that her non-profit organization, Compassion for Teen Life, diligently serves.  Her influence to create opportunities for future generations in the areas of women’s health, education and wellness, as well as youth empowerment has earned her positions on the Health Care Advisory Committee and the National Finance Committee of President Barak Obama’s re-election campaign.  She has placed computers in schools and has hosted campaign fundraisers at her home.

A native of Jamaica, raised in Toronto Canada, Lorna recalls her interest in women’s health began when she was mesmerized by the magic of the birth of her sister via the midwife who attended her mother.  Now, she puts what she has witnessed in her early years to work for her.

The contentious rivalry between doctors and midwives made it very difficult for Lorna to effectively do her job.  She needed a safe space for women to be able to give birth. Despite financial setbacks, she worked diligently to start her practice on her own after attempts to collaborate with independent medical providers fell short.  “I finally met a doctor who gave me a great opportunity to deliver babies on my own schedule.  I went from delivering zero babies to hundreds.”

As Lorna was again searching for the right location to advance her career, she found a warehouse that was ideal.  She immediately asked if she could utilize it and was given a verbal contract by the owner. Thirty days later her independent practice was born as Advanced Family Care Medical Group in East Los Angeles.  She also set out to manifest her cause and started Compassion for Teen Life and began contributing to her community.  “I bring service to the under served.  That is my purpose.  I don’t do it for praise, I do it because it is my passion.”  She became the largest contributor to the Obama Campaign and hosted a campaign fundraiser at her home.  She has sparked the interest of and friendship with Oprah Winfrey, and the Obamas with her business acumen and heart of servitude. When asked about what she would teach hopefuls today about the key to success, her reply was simple, understated, and timeless: “Be here to do your part, but do what you are passionate about.” She finds joy in traveling the world, spending time with friends and family and seeking new opportunities to give to those in need. http://theanjananetwork.net/